Descriptions Edit

Alderpaw is a dark ginger tom with dark amber eyes, a small body, and muscular shoulders.

Information Edit

Kit Name: Alderkit

Apprentice Name: Alderpaw

Warrior Name: Unknown

Mother: Squirrelflight

Father: Bramblestar

Brothers: None

Sisters: Sparkpaw

History Edit

He is the son of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, along with his sister, Sparkpaw. He was dertermined to get things right, and trained harder than Sparkpaw, much to her envy.

Alderpaw never got the chance to see his grandfather, Firestar, because the great leader died in the battle with the Dark Forest. He just knew that the bright orange cat was a brave and loyal cat, and that he saved the Clans from destruction.

Alderpaw loved his sister fierceley. No matter what kind of trouble that Sparkpaw got into, Alderpaw never stopped loving her. Bramblestar was extremely proud of his son. Squirrelflight loved them both the same, and so did Bramblestar.