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Amberclaw is a long-legged tabby ginger tom with amber-colored fur and eyes, lithe muscles, and a broad head.

Family Edit

Brother: Redstar

History Edit

Amberclaw's brother was Redstar, the ThunderClan leader then. Amberclaw was a fierce enemy of Cloudstar and his SkyClan warriors.

Amberclaw was on patrol when he heard yowling. He padded up to the strip of territory that Darkstar, a former SkyClan leader, gave to ThunderClan, and saw Cloudstar, the SkyClan leader, with an army of skinny cats. Amberclaw called the alarm call, and ThunderClan came rushing into battle. Amberclaw fought like a StarClan warrior because he knew he was in the right.

He fought with Mousefang, a SkyClan warrior. They fought to the near death, and when Mousefang tried to leap at Amberclaw, she misgiuded her jump and ended up breaking her leg. After Cloudstar saw the injury done on his warrior, he called for SkyClan to retreat. The ThunderClan warriors were just too strong for the weak and skinny SkyClan cats.

After the battle, Redstar congratulated Amberclaw on how he fought Mousefang, and that he was brave to dodge a tough warrior’s attack. Amberclaw modestly replied that the sandy brown SkyClan she-cat was feeble and thin. After the congratulations, Amberclaw went straight to Kestrelwing, the ThunderClan medicine cat, to check his wounds and to check Redstar, because the leader had some pretty bad wounds himself.

During a Gathering, when Cloudstar asked the other Clans for territories, Amberclaw was on Redstar’s side when the ThunderClan leader declared for SkyClan to leave the forest. He was just as shocked as everyone when the ragged leader of SkyClan announced that they will never look to the stars again.

After Redstar lost his last life in a battle with RiverClan over Sunningrocks, Amberclaw grew old. He moved to the elders’ den, and soon after, died of blackcough.

During his last moments, Amberclaw regretted the time when he agreed with Redstar for SkyClan to leave the forest. He knew that there should always be five Clans in the forest, and begged StarClan for forgiveness, and was rewarded when StarClan let him join them. Amberclaw lived a noble, well-respected life because his brother was the leader of ThunderClan, and never wished his life could’ve been different.