Description Edit

Beechfur is a lithe, strong-muscled, broad-headed ginger tom with large amber eyes.

History Edit

Beechfur was an ancient ThunderClan warrior who served under Morningstar.

At a Gathering, when Morningstar announced that he won't challenge ThunderClan to fight, Beechfur yowled that he wasn't scared to fight WindClan, even though Morningstar told the Clans that WindClan has stolen ThunderClan prey.
The following day, Beechfur asked Morningstar if he wanted him to lead a border patrol, because the current deputy, Leafstorm, was sick. He was shocked when Morningstar told him there would be no more border patrols, because all the cats had to focus their energy on hunting. He says that WindClan and SkyClan would end up taking everything. He later suggested to his leader that WindClan had been given a chance to be honorable, and now ThunderClan should stop having mercy on them.
Beechfur would have been loyal to the end, but then he caught Lakestorm's illness and died a few days later. He was an honorable warrior, and went to StarClan with no shame of his long life.