Descriptions Edit

Beetail is a dark brown tabby tom with a broad head, muscular shoulders, and a powerful body.

History Edit

Beetail was the ThunderClan deputy when Mapleshade still lived in this Clan. He was a loyal cat to Oakstar, the ThunderClan leader then, and responsible for his duties.

One day, he asked Mapleshade to go out on patrol. Mapleshade replies that she can't because she is carrying kits. Beetail awkwardly congratulates her, then asks who the father is. Mapleshade tells him that she will raise them alone. Beetail wishes her and her kits good will from StarClan.

Later, when Mapleshade has her kits and the medicine cat, Ravenwing, tells the Clan that a RiverClan warrior named Appledusk was the father, not Birchface, Beetail is on his leader's side when Oakstar throws Mapleshade out of the Clan.

When Beetail died, he regreted his choice, and begged StarClan for forgivness and was rewarded when he joined his warrior ancestors.