Birchfall is a glossy furred, light brown tabby tom with a large body, muscular shoulders, and a broad head.


Mother: Ferncloud (Dead)

Father: Dustpelt (Dead)

Mate: Whitewing (Living)

Daughters: Dovewing (Living), Ivypool (Living)

Sisters: Hollykit (Dead), Larchkit (Dead), Icecloud (Dead)

Brothers: Foxleap (Dead), Shrewpaw (Dead), Spiderleg (Living)

Grandmothers: Brindleface (Dead), Robinwing (Dead)

Grandfather: Fuzzypelt (Dead)

Uncles: Ashfur (Dead), Ravenpaw (Dead)

Great Aunt: Frostfur (Dead)

Half-Aunt: Sandstorm (Living)

Niece: Rosepetal (Living)

Nephew: Toadstep (Dead)

Cousins: Leafpool (Living), Squirrelflight (Living), Lionblaze (Living), Jayfeather (Living), Hollyleaf (Dead), Cinderpelt (Dead), Brackenfur (Living), Brightheart (Living), Thornclaw (Living), Ambermoon (Living), Dewnose (Living), Snowbush (Living), Cinderheart (Living), Poppyfrost (Living), Honeyfern (Dead), Molepaw (Dead), Seedpaw (Dead), Lilyheart (Living), Molewhisker (Living), Cherryfall (Living), Fernsong (Living), Hollytuft (Living), Sorrelstripe (Living), Alderpaw (Living), Sparkpaw (Living), Leafkit (Unknown if Living), Honeykit (Unknown if Living), Larkkit (Unknown if Living)