A Leader is the one in charge of their Clan. They are responsible for everything in it.

Description Edit

The leader is the head of a Clan and is responsible for them. The word of a Clan leader is law, as said in the Warrior Code. A leader will appoint a deputy to assist them in their duties and succeed them when the die or retire. They can call Clan meeting appoint deputies, warriors, and apprentices. Their names end in -star. (Ex: Sunstar, Leopardstar)

Qualifying Edit

To be a leader you have to:

  • At least trained one apprentice
  • Be chosen by the leader to become a deputy
  • Be the deputy when the leader dies, retires, or gets exiled

The leader also must be dead, retired, or exiled. But if they are exiled, they will have less lives, because the former leader still has their lives.